PR-servers Discord

PR-servers Discord

The most popular messenger Discord is especially actively used in multiplayer games, but it is also in demand in education, communities of interest, etc. It is quick and easy to create your server in Discord. It is much more difficult to make it attractive and visited.

First, you need to create an invitation link. It will allow other users to see and log in to your server. But this is not enough, you still need to convince potential subscribers to become interested in them. There are several ways to spin up a server.

Discord monitoring sites

On the Internet, you can find sites that monitor discord servers. Many of them are free, for example, You need to go through the authorization procedure by filling out the form and indicating the name or topic of your server. The description should, without undue modesty, describe the advantages of the channel. As you advance in the ranking, the server will recruit new subscribers.

YouTube channel link

This method is suitable for those who have their own YouTube channel or any of the streaming platforms. To send out invitations, you will have to do the following operations:

  • Go to your profile, select the section "Creative Studio".
  • In the channel control panel go to "Channel settings".
  • In the "Basic information" section of the settings add a link to the server.

Once saved, this Discord logo will appear on the page. A YouTube channel visitor will be taken to the Discord server simply by clicking on the icon.

Use of social media

On their page in any of the social networks, a message is posted about the emergence of a discord server, where it is easier and easier to communicate. This method works well when reaching out to an audience interested in server topics. Also, on some social networks, you can order paid advertising for your channel.

Internal Discord Ads

You can agree with the creators of other Discord resources about placing information about your server. This is usually done on a reciprocal basis. It is desirable that the server topics are close, for example, Battlefield game lovers or online strategy users. It is possible to place advertisements for a contractual fee.

Using bloggers

A good way to advertise is to attract popular bloggers. But for sure this will require material costs. A blogger can post on his channel a video or an article describing the advantages of the Discord server.

The promotion of a Discord server from scratch is a complicated and long process. The best results are obtained not with a one-time attempt, but with several simultaneously applied methods.

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