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Reputation management is the key to a successful business and its correct development in the future. is a platform where more than a hundred customer reviews about their purchases are published daily. If any product is INAPPROPRIATE quality or has many budget analogs, it will immediately become known to the thousands of audience of the service.

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The target audience of the service is people over 20 years old with a constantly high income. It is difficult to gain their trust, as users pay attention to the part of the market in which there are reviews about the company's work, and without buyers, there will be none.

You can raise a company's reputation on the Internet by writing and posting real reviews about the company. After that, it is necessary to monitor the statistics (SERM) on a daily basis and, based on the monitoring results, decide: effective marks or not.

Reputation management

Reputation management is complex actions related to the image of an agency:

  • Promotion to the top.
  • Increasing audience engagement.
  • Formation of a positive status.
  • Monitoring.

All these actions will lead to an increase in the company's monthly profits and build its credibility with consumers. In the future, the company will be able to do without purchased reviews, due to an increase in the flow of clientele and, accordingly, writing positive reviews.

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With the right approach, you can achieve increased profits from the early stages of business development. This is achieved by purchasing positive marks on Other buyers will see that the product or service is really in demand and will be interested in the offer.

To work with clients correctly, you need to apply SERM and crowd marketing. With their help, you can effectively track changes in user loyalty and properly promote the company's products.

Raise the company's reputation on the Internet

A common problem for many businesses is a lack of any reputation, which translates into low sales and limited customer confidence.

A beginner businessman can order from 20 to 100 reviews and comments about a company to increase his awareness and reputation in search engines. At the beginning of your career, this will bring you promotion and a lot of credibilities.

Before and after results

Customers of these services claimed that after purchasing reviews on and conducting search engine analytics, their profits increased and there were more reviews from real buyers. Now their income is stable, and the influx of users is increasing every day.


Companies with low user flow are viewed with suspicion and distrust. This is due to the fact that agencies that do not have many positive marks sacrifice product quality for the sake of a low price segment, which is not liked by more than 70% of users.

The demand for reviews is calculated by the flow of potential buyers and increased audience loyalty. If they increase, then everything is correct and vice versa. Further reputation management plays an important role here.

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