Become our service provider: cooperation with us is profitable, reliable, and dynamic

     SmmPanelUS is an innovative platform for marketing services in social networks and beyond. We offer unique opportunities for collaboration to service providers who are ready to join our efficient and reliable team.

     Collaborating with us is not just a profitable venture, but also an opportunity to integrate your services into one of the fastest-growing and dynamic platforms. With reliability, high-quality services, and an individual approach, SmmPanelUS will become a reliable partner for your business.

     Let's transform the world of SMM services together and reach new heights of success! Your business, along with SmmPanelUS, will gain an advantage over competitors and expand its presence in the market. Join us and see how your services become part of the rapidly growing SMM services market!

SMM panel script


Pricing Policy

Our team will evaluate your service and offer a competitive price. We are looking for services that can be offered below market prices while respecting your profit and time. If you offer a unique service, we are ready to discuss special conditions.

Quality and Stability

Your services should be stable and meet the specified criteria. We value quality and reliability.


partner of SMM panel

SMM panel script


API Support

You will need an SMM panel with API support for integration. Having the Perfect Panel Script is an advantage, but we are willing to consider other options.

Customer Support

An important requirement is to have a full-fledged support service via Telegram or WhatsApp to provide quick resolution of any issues regarding your services.


SMM panel script

SMM panel script



After successful verification and approval of your service, offer a significant discount for our customers at the start. The discount amount depends on the cost of your service. This will allow customers to appreciate your product and resellers to join. Your service will be featured in the promoted section for three days, after which the discount disappears, and the service moves to the general catalog. If your service generates demand, we will include it in the "Top Services" section, which will increase your sales.

If your service does not become popular within a month after the end of the promotion, we will deactivate it. However, you can always offer a new promotion to further promote your service.

Working with us is profitable and reliable! We invite you to be a part of our thriving community!

   To add your service to our system, please contact us via Telegram and provide the following information:

  • Link to your SMM panel.
  • ID of the service you want to add.
  • Details of the created account (username and password) on your panel with a test balance.

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