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What is Discord and Discord Mass Messaging?

What is Discord and Discord Mass Messaging?


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Discord is a text and voice messenger that was originally intended to replace popular platforms like TeamSpeak and Skype. The application is designed for mobile and desktop operating systems. However, for various reasons, it has become very popular among gamers, schoolchildren, and students. The business audience also recognizes its value, as it is used for communication among remote employees, clients, and customers.


As of the end of spring 2019, the total number of registered users reached over 250 million people. And, more importantly, the average monthly online count is around 56 million people. This makes Discord an ideal platform for advertising game servers, products, and services. Discord message distribution does not require significant expenses, provides high conversion rates, and allows for precise targeting of advertising messages.

Let's take a closer look at how to conduct message distribution in Discord and the advantages it offers over advertising on other messengers and platforms.

The described application is not just software for exchanging text messages. It is a platform that exhibits forum-like features, with an advanced system of subtopics and comments, along with the ability to exchange voice messages, memes, and emojis. Spam messages in Discord, sent for advertising purposes, are effective because a significant portion of the platform's audience consists of users of computer programs and virtual entertainment enthusiasts who have a positive attitude towards various online activities. Discord spam bots do not trigger automatic rejection; users are willing to perceive advertising information, especially when it is properly targeted and meets their expectations.

Pros and Cons of Discord

Additional advantages of the messenger that make spam effective in Discord:

  • A close-knit community is formed on servers, where participants establish trust-based relationships. Consequently, trust in the advertising messages sent in the chat and directly to the participants automatically increases.
  • The audience of this application, unlike users of similar programs, is accustomed to spending extended periods of time within the platform. This increases the likelihood that the messages sent by the Discord spam bot will reach the recipient, thus achieving the goal of the distribution.
  • The Discord spam program can target advertising campaigns based on various characteristics. The effectiveness of targeting is enhanced by the fact that users are grouped according to their interests.
  • There is the ability to use various tools, including tracking links, which allow for evaluating conversion rates and redistributing financial resources more efficiently.

Advertisers gain a new platform for promoting their products, which distinguishes itself from existing ones through its deeply engaged audience. This provides an opportunity to launch targeted campaigns and introduce the target audience to the brand (or product) in a non-traditional form.

Discord advertising

A Comprehensive Approach to Advertising

Organizing Discord distribution can involve developing or acquiring expensive software, thoroughly studying its capabilities, and spending resources on testing and analysis. Additionally, measures need to be taken to bypass the protection systems that filter Discord spam.

A more efficient and cost-effective approach to addressing this issue is the Discord spam bot by SmmPanelUS. Our specialists have developed and offer users a comprehensive solution for Discord distribution, allowing all the organizational hassle to be delegated to the service provider.

Discord advertising and marketing

One of the most important features of our development is that the Discord message distribution bot takes into account targeting settings. This means that advertising messages will reach the target audience, significantly increasing conversion rates and accelerating the return on investment in marketing activities.

An additional advantage is that Discord distributions are sent to users from European countries (in addition to the CIS). Thanks to the higher purchasing power of European residents, the effectiveness of distributions is increased.

What's included in the Discord distribution service?

  • Collection of contacts from your target audience.
  • Message distribution from multiple accounts.

User Filtering

  • By device (PC, mobile).
  • By registration date.
  • By server entry date.
  • By status (online, away, do not disturb).

There is also the possibility to:

  • Exclude users who are members of specific servers.
  • Exclude user groups or individual contacts (administrators, moderators).

Discord distribution

Features of Discord Distribution

  • We utilize a mobile proxy farm from 5 operators, which provides the highest trust and anonymity for our operations.
  • Discord has limitations on sending private messages, but it's not a problem for us as we work with thousands of accounts in parallel.
  • We apply advanced Spintax randomization, ensuring that each sent message appears unique to Discord.
  • Prior to sending a message, we can make a call to the user, grabbing their attention and increasing engagement with the message.
  • Even if some accounts are banned, your links won't be blocked, and the messages won't be deleted.

Rest assured that your messages will be successfully delivered, and the Discord distribution will yield undeniable results!

Order Discord Distribution

Interested in Discord message distribution bots? Contact SmmPanelUS. We will organize Discord spam with targeting based on the specified characteristics. You will gain the following advantages:

  • Expand market reach and attract an additional audience.
  • Enhance brand loyalty and increase the profitability of your company.
  • Optimize advertising costs and accelerate your return on investment.

We know how to make Discord spam engaging for users and profitable for you.


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