If an experienced manager disagrees with the new rules.

If an experienced manager disagrees with the new rules

If an experienced manager disagrees with the new rules


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Today, I once again received a question regarding the implementation of management tools, more specifically, the question of what to do with "golden" top performers who refuse to comply with the newly introduced rules. For example, when written weekly plans are implemented, these self-proclaimed "top performers" start acting capricious, emphasizing their competence and importance to the company, and refusing to adhere to the new requirements.

I don't want to discuss whether paper-based plans are necessary for these top performers or not; the answer to this question is obvious. No sane person would argue that they are not needed, even if they themselves don't write weekly plans. This question is as banal as asking, "Is it necessary to brush your teeth daily?" The real question is how to convince them to follow these rules.

Essentially, it's a question of administrative procedures in general. To address this issue, it is necessary to convey one idea to the top performers: we are playing a game called "team," and this game cannot be played alone. Any organized group activity implies certain rules that are mandatory for every group member. Without rules, it is impossible to coordinate actions, and the group will fall apart. Any rules adopted within the group impose certain limitations on everyone, and if the leaders understand that such sacrifice is necessary to coordinate the actions of a group of people, they will comply. If they don't understand this, then what kind of leaders are they?

By not following the rules of the game accepted within the group, one can be an excellent scientist, teacher, writer, engage in art, or be a professional in a specific field, but they cannot be a full-fledged member of the group. Every leader should understand this and serve as an example for employees, demonstrating how a group member should adhere to established rules. Otherwise, it would be better for them to leave the company and become an external consultant or advisor, who is brought in occasionally and paid on an hourly basis, but they cannot be a leader.


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