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Promotion of a YouTube channel

Promotion of a YouTube channel


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Having created a new YouTube channel, first of all, you should take care of the correct design and the quality of the information provided. In order for views and an audience to appear, development is necessary. Cheat subscribers If the channel was created recently and only a few videos have been added, then there will be no comments and activity. To get things off the ground, you can use cheating. This is not a very expensive method with an instant result, after which the long-awaited activity will appear. The method should be used carefully, you can get into the ban. There are many platforms on the web that provide this service. They will help you calculate how much it costs to promote a YouTube channel, depending on the desired number of subscribers and views. One hundred views can be purchased for 30-40 rubles. Free promotion Many do not want to spend money and try to figure out all the subtleties themselves. But do not forget that developing the channel on your own, spend a lot of personal time. For development we use: + Social networks. + Mutual PR. We take a channel with similar topics and agree on mutual promotion. Importantly, the number of subscribers must be the same. + Promotion on your own site. + Commenting on other people's videos. + Internal optimization. Using these methods will attract real subscribers who are genuinely interested in viewing. Paid promotion Advertising is a costly but effective method of getting real activity. Users activate advertisements themselves, having become interested in the topic. Subsequently, they can not only rate and comment on the video, but also subscribe. Ways to attract subscribers: 1. Google AdWords It is used in three formats: + Intro, lasts up to 6 seconds. + Videos go at the beginning or end of the main video. + Text ad, shown on the side. Pay per view. The average cost is 1-2 rubles without VAT. 2. Channel review in another video Speaking, bloggers talk or link to your channel. 3. Contextual ad Only high-quality clicks on them are paid. 4. Promotion in social. networks People enjoy watching interesting videos, so switching to YouTube is a common practice. Cost For high-quality promotion it is more reliable to use different methods. The simplest advertisements cost 100 rubles. And ordering advertising from famous bloggers can reach tens and hundreds of thousands. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how much the promotion of a YouTube channel costs. It depends on various factors: the target audience, the frequency of publication of materials, the method of development. Choice of methods Everyone chooses the promotion option. But it is worth remembering that even a good video with useful information does not always manage to break through the crowd of rivals. Offer only relevant content to your visitors with interesting videos that will attract and keep their attention for a long time. Thus, an increase in the audience will not take long.

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