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Promoting NFTs on Twitter and Discord - services and methods

Promoting NFTs on Twitter and Discord - services and methods


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The goal of any NFT project is to generate hype on social media platforms. Hype can be created both before and after the project launch. Ideally, the hype is generated even before the project launch to create a strong buzz and ensure successful sales from the start. However, hype can also be generated for an already launched project, which can lead to a significant boost. Hype is created through artificial inflation (boosting) and advertising. Initially, high-quality boosting is performed, followed by driving traffic through influencer marketing, email newsletters, other social media platforms, OpenSea itself, and so on.


  • Followers with NFT profiles.
  • NFT retweets.
  • NFT likes.
  • NFT comments (customized and random).
  • Regular affordable followers with high volumes, as well as likes and retweets.


  • Members with NFT profiles online.
  • Regular members.
  • Simulated activity in Discord chat with real NFT-related conversations.
  • Mass mailing to members of any NFT servers.

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How are NFT projects promoted today?

How are NFT projects promoted today


1) NFT Project Concept

The first step is to develop the project concept. There are two types of projects: trend-following or groundbreaking. Trend-following projects align with current trends and integrate into the market. These projects are more suitable for beginners and require smaller investments compared to the second type. Groundbreaking projects create new mass trends and require a serious and thorough approach. They involve higher investments. Creating a new trend requires generating significant hype.

2) Pre-launch Advertising and White Lists

Experienced NFT founders start building hype even before the project launch and announce the launch date in advance. A landing page with token examples is created, along with social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord. These social media platforms are well-designed, with links to the landing page and launch date. Subscribers are accumulated on Twitter and Discord, preferably in large volumes, exceeding 50k. Regular bots can be used for initial followers, but it's recommended to enhance the follower count with high-quality NFT profiles. This is how experienced founders approach the process. You can verify this strategy by examining any prominent profile. In Discord, chat activity is stimulated to imitate engagement. Contests and whitelist giveaways are conducted based on specific conditions. On Twitter, posts are made with whitelist distribution announcements.

3) Influencer Advertising

Any serious project advertises its posts with influencers who have a live audience. Influencers and their followers receive whitelist access in exchange for promotion. This is how it works. Negotiating with influencers requires presenting your project in a serious and trustworthy manner.

4) Mailing to NFT Audience

You can send mailings to members of Discord servers to attract additional audience to your project. It is advisable to make the spam useful, such as advertising whitelist giveaways.

5) Consistent New Posts and Engagement

You need to consistently publish new posts and immediately generate activity on them, including likes, retweets, and comments from NFT users. Each new post with NFT user activity on Twitter indicates excitement and buzz. It demonstrates that the project is alive and growing. Investors constantly monitor projects and draw conclusions from each post.

6) Keep the Fire Burning

If the project has already been launched and sales have begun, it means it had a good start. However, in order for sales to continue growing, it is necessary to increase the power of social media. This involves continuous growth in followers, new posts, and even more hype. The key is to maintain a constant level of hype and hold your position. It is important to continue working with influencers.



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