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How to change text color in Discord? Guide

How to change text color in Discord? Guide


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A complete guide on how to change text color in Discord. If you're an avid gamer on your PC, you might need to familiarize yourself with Discord, a platform specifically designed for gamers to communicate and coordinate their actions through private servers.

However, Discord doesn't support vibrant and colorful text chat. In other words, Discord doesn't have built-in color commands. So, how can you change text color in Discord? Keep reading to find the solutions.

How to Change Text Color in Discord?

In this section, we will show you how to change text color in Discord. As mentioned earlier, Discord doesn't provide color commands to change text color.

So, the only way to change text color in Discord is through the use of Javascript. Discord utilizes Javascript to create its interface along with a theme known as Solarized Dark and a library called highlight.js. When you log into your Discord server, the page you see is processed by a series of intricate Javascript programs, including highlight.js.

Therefore, Javascript enables the change of text color in Discord. You can change text color in Discord by inserting snippets of code into the text chat.

To change text color, you need to enclose the text within a code block. It's a three-line block of text with your text in the center. We'll show you what a three-line block looks like.

The first line of the code block should consist of "<<" characters.

The second line should be the text you want to display.

The third line should consist of ">>" characters to close the code block.

Additionally, there are two different ways to input the text. The first method is to have a text file on your computer with various code snippets for different text colors, which you can access and copy-paste the segments you want to use.

The second method is to directly input the text within the code block. Press Shift + Enter when you finish one line of code. After that, the text will be displayed in the color.

Having learned how to change text color in Discord, we'll show you various commands for different text colors.

If you want the text to appear in green color, you should input the following commands.




This will make the text appear in green color. Next, we'll show you other colors.

  • Cyan โ€” "yaml text"
  • Yellow โ€” "HTTP text"
  • Orange โ€” "ARM text"
  • Red โ€” "excel text"
  • Blue โ€” "Elm text"

After inputting the aforementioned commands, the text will be displayed in a different color.

How to Change Text Color in Discord?



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