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Free promotion for Bigo Live

Free promotion for Bigo Live


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This service for video streaming has appeared relatively recently, thanks to a PC or smartphone or tablet. It is based on real subscribers. They are the ones who can give gifts and generate revenue through views. If a channel has, for example, 100,000 followers but no one is watching the content, then it serves no purpose.

So, how can you grow?

You need to create interesting broadcasts. But who will see them, how does free promotion for Bigo Live work, and why is it even necessary? Our service, SmmPanelUS, will answer all these questions and help you grow without investing money. We understand that having a large number of subscribers on Bigo Live alone doesn't give you anything.

Free promotion for Bigo Live

But let's not forget an important point. When a potential subscriber visits a channel and sees that they only have, let's say, 131 followers, they will think it's not interesting and leave forever. However, if they see the number 100K, their opinion changes, and the likelihood of them staying increases significantly.

What should a newcomer do?

It's simple: find popular channels with a similar theme and subscribe to them. There is a high chance that some of the owners will subscribe back. At the moment, it doesn't matter if they don't watch, the main thing is to create the appearance of an interesting platform where quality content is being streamed.


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