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Discord server promotion: how to promote your server?

Discord server promotion: how to promote your server?


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Discord, the most popular messenger, is actively used not only in multiplayer games but also in education, interest-based communities, and more. Creating your own server on Discord is quick and easy, but making it attractive and well-visited is much harder.

To start, you should create an invite link. It will allow other users to see your server and join it. But that's not enough, you also need to persuade potential subscribers to be interested in it. There are several ways to promote your server.

Discord server promotion

Monitoring websites

You can find websites on the internet that monitor Discord servers. Many of them are free, such as discordserver.info. You need to go through the authorization procedure, fill out the form, and specify the name or topic of your server. In the description, you should write about the advantages of your channel without unnecessary modesty. As the server moves up in the ranking, it will gain new subscribers.

How to promote a Discord server

Link on YouTube channel

This method is suitable for those who have their own channel on YouTube or any streaming platform. To send invitations, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Go to your profile, select the "Creative Studio" section.
  • In the channel management panel, go to "Channel Settings".
  • In the "Basic Information" section of the settings, add a link to the server.

After saving, the Discord logo will appear on the page. A visitor to the YouTube channel will go to the Discord server simply by clicking on the icon.

Methods for promoting a Discord server

Using social media

On your page on any social network, post a message about the appearance of a Discord server where it is easier and simpler to communicate. This method works well when addressing an audience interested in the topic of the server. Also, in some social networks, you can order paid advertising for your channel.

Internal Discord Advertising

You can arrange with the creators of other Discord resources to advertise your server. Usually, this is done on a mutual basis. It is desirable that the theme of the servers be similar, for example, fans of Battlefield games or online strategy users. Advertising placement is possible for a fee.

The best method for promoting a Discord server

Using Bloggers

A good way to advertise is to attract popular bloggers. But it will certainly require financial costs. A blogger can post a video or article on their channel describing the advantages of a Discord server.

Promoting a Discord server from scratch is a difficult and time-consuming process. The best results are achieved not by a one-time attempt, but by several simultaneously applied methods.


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