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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 9

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 9


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Dictionary of terms on advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 9. Find out what the words mean - Marketing Information Technologies, Innovation, Inversion, Image Advertising, Image, Isography.

Dictionary of marketing and advertising - Complete cycle of words and their meanings
  • Isography - accurate reproduction of any manuscripts, handwriting, etc. Used as an artistic technique in graphic advertising.
  • Image - the image of a product, similarity, reflection, representation of something. A socio-psychological phenomenon closely related to the economy of the commodity market. The image of a product is associated with the reputation of the product, its brand, the enterprise, and the country of origin.
  • Image advertising - advertising whose main goal is to provide popularity for a brand, trademark or specific person's name (usually in political advertising), usually with a future perspective.
  • Inversion - a reversal. The rearrangement of words in a sentence to emphasize the meaning of the word that is being brought forward.
  • Innovation - an idea, product or technology launched into production and presented on the market, which the consumer perceives as completely new or having some unique properties.
  • Marketing information technologies - 1. A means of increasing the efficiency of developing, creating and using marketing technologies. 2. A set of tools and methods that represent a holistic technological system designed to ensure the effectiveness of planning, organizing and managing the process of marketing activities, at one or another hierarchical level of the economy, through the cumulative effect of integrating and interacting elements of information technology, such as computer complexes, computer networks, intelligent terminals, a complex of tools and methods for organizing arrays of data, encoding and searching for information, etc.


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