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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 5

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 5


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A dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 5. Dodger, Direct mail, Dispenser, Design, Concentric diversification, Horizontal diversification, Diversification, Competitive environment diagnosis, Decal (firing).

  • Slogan โ€” an expression of the advertising idea.
  • Tasting โ€” a type of consumer promotion aimed at acquainting the target audience with the taste and properties of a brand, as well as initiating a trial purchase. Types of tastings: direct - the product is tasted, and dry (without tasting the product) - informing the buyer about the brand, the way it is used, its distinctive features (conducted only at the point of sale).

Professional marketer's dictionary with terminology

  • Demographic characteristics - necessary indicators when preparing advertising programs, marketing research aimed at certain markets or their individual segments. These descriptions include the following characteristics: gender, age, marital status, number of children, etc. The concept of sociological characteristics is broader. See below.
  • Demography - a section of modern applied sociology associated with the study of public opinion through surveys.
  • Dumping - the sale of goods at prices significantly below the average market level, the so-called "throwaway" prices, sometimes below the cost price. In many Western countries, anti-dumping legislation is in force, which protects the profits of national producers and often hinders the importation of goods from other countries offered at reduced prices due to insufficient competitiveness.

Terms and definitions of words in the field of marketing - marketer's dictionary

  • Decal (firing) - a decorative multicolored coating (artistic image) that is applied to porcelain, ceramics, faience, majolica, glass and fused into its surface by firing. It is harmless to humans. Competitive environment diagnostics - a specific, independent stage of marketing research necessary to form a more complete and accurate understanding of the internal motives of competitors' behavior.
  • Diversification - 1. A type of product strategy in which an enterprise expands the number of products produced. 2. Simultaneous expansion and development of two or more unrelated types of production in order to conquer new markets and gain additional profit. Horizontal, vertical, and covert diversification strategies are used.
  • Horizontal diversification - replenishment of the company's range of new products that are not related to those currently produced but may be of interest to existing customers.
  • Concentric diversification - replenishment of the range of new products that are technically or marketing-wise similar to the company's existing products.

Marketing and Advertising Dictionary

  • Design (from English design - concept, project, drawing, picture) - artistic designing of original book, magazine, newspaper, and leaflet publications, labeling and packaging products, cultural and household items.
  • Dispenser - a promotional mini-board with a voluminous pocket for information materials (leaflets, business cards, etc.).
  • Direct mail (direct mail - direct mailings) - advertising sent by mail (or courier delivery service) directly to consumers potentially interested in collaborating with the firm or its products.
  • Dodger - an advertising brochure.


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