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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 2

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 2


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Dictionary of terms for advertising, marketing, and PR. Letter B. Product variation, vector graphics, showcase, stained glass, wobbler, voyager, secondary marketing information, sample, selective observation, signboard, pennant, BTL (Below the Line).

  • Customer database - organized array of comprehensive information about individual (or potential) customers, including geographic, demographic, psychographic data, as well as data on purchasing behavior.
  • Banner - 1) rectangular plastic, cardboard, or paper tablet hanging in a showcase; 2) image on a website leading to an advertiser's website (see also banner network, link)

marketer's dictionary

  • Banner network - a system where for every 100 displays of other people's banners on your website, the participant of the banner network receives 100 displays of their own banner on other participants' websites, minus a commission percentage (ranging from 10 to 50% depending on the banner network), which is then used by the owner of the banner network (for promoting their own projects or for sales).
  • Basoramas - illuminated advertising panel installed on the roof of a bus
  • Benchmarking - studying the technology, technological processes, and methods of organizing production and marketing of products at the best partner and competitor enterprises in order to improve the efficiency of one's own firm.
  • Biennale - in advertising: showing something twice a year. In contrast to the triennale, i.e. three times a year.

marketing terminology

  • Billboard - a large billboard with an advertising poster 3x6 m or 4x10 m. installed on its own stand.
  • Business-to-business (B2B) - a sector of the market focused on facilitating interaction between companies in the process of producing and selling goods or services.
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) - a sector of the market focused on working with end consumers of goods or services.
  • Business newsletter - a special edition for professionals in a specific market, government officials, or government officials. Allows highlighting and focusing on customer problems, acting as experts in the market, lobbying for their own interests, increasing recognition/information about the company and brand.

marketing words and terms

  • Business plan - a detailed plan of entrepreneurial activity for a certain period, establishing indicators that the enterprise should achieve. For new enterprises, a business plan is a mandatory document that helps mobilize capital or obtain a loan.
  • Business portfolio - a set of activities and goods that the company is engaged in.
  • Box - in printing: a part of an advertising text highlighted by a frame.
  • Brandmauer - brandmower - a hyper-format poster (10x30 m, 15x50 m) attached to a solid wall of a building or structure.
  • Brand - a trademark or product that has wide recognition. Perceived positively by the majority of society.

marketing terms and definitions

  • Branding - a whole system of marketing and PR activities aimed at creating a brand. From an unknown product or company to being "on everyone's lips".
  • Brochure - a promotional leaflet that is printed on one sheet and then folded. As a rule, it is distributed for free at exhibitions or in the advertiser's office, as well as sent out by mail.
  • Bul-Mark - advertising of a publishing house or printing house inserted into a book, magazine, catalog in the form of a colorful bookmark.
  • Backgrounder - current event information. This is news that is not a sensation. Such information should be sent regularly to maintain a continuous flow of news coming from the organization.


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