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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 18

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 18


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Glossary of terms in advertising, marketing and PR. Part 18. Learn the meanings of words - Market Targeting, Tabledot, Telemarketing, Tender, Testimonial, Product Policy, Product Strategies, Trademark, Trolls, Trade Marketing, TTL (Through the Line).

  • Market Targeting - evaluating each market segment and selecting the segment(s) to serve, aiming for the most promising one(s) for focused advertising.

Marketing and Advertising Glossary

  • Tabledot - a common dining table in boarding houses, large cafeterias, and restaurants. Often used for advertising products.
  • Telemarketing - a type of marketing that relies on telecommunications and the internet to allow potential consumers to search for and purchase goods and services on real and virtual markets.
  • Tender - a commercial competition used to select partners. For example, an advertiser announces a competition among several advertising agencies to solve a specific advertising task.

Marketing Glossary

  • Testimonial - a form of advertising that uses the authority of a popular personality.
  • Product policy - a set of activities and strategies aimed at setting and achieving business goals, including launching a new product or product group to the market (innovation), modernizing existing products on the market (variation), or withdrawing a product from production (elimination), as well as assortment policy.
  • Product strategies - 1. The main fundamental directions of product policy, following which the enterprise can ensure a stable volume of sales and profit at all stages of the product life cycle. Product strategies usually include innovation, variation, elimination of goods or services. 2. Development of directions for optimizing the product range and determining the range of goods that create conditions for stable competitiveness and effective company activity.

Advertising Glossary

  • Trademark - a word, name, sign, symbol, or their combination artistically designed and used for individualization and highlighting of producers, selling organizations, or goods among competitors.
  • Trolls - an advertising billboard attached to the stretch of power lines of trolleybuses and trams across the movement of urban transport.
  • Trade Marketing - a complex of measures aimed at improving the effectiveness of interaction with participants in the distribution chain. Trade marketing considers the market as an opportunity to realize the available goods, "push it to the consumer," make it more accessible to the buyer, and convey information about it in the most accessible way for the consumer.
  • TTL (through the line) - a set of services that combines the use of both direct (ATL) and indirect (BTL) advertising.


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