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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 16

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 16


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A glossary of advertising, marketing, and PR terms. Part 16. Learn the meaning of words such as - Regular internet audience, Advertising from a legal standpoint, Advertising audience, Advertising activity, Advertising campaign, Advertising pyramid, Advertising strategy, Advertiser from a legal standpoint.

A glossary of advertising and marketing terms
  • Regular internet audience - all Internet visitors except those who had a single experience of visiting the Internet or who have been on the Internet only once or several times in the last three months.
  • Advertising from a legal standpoint - any information about a physical or legal entity, goods, ideas and undertakings (advertising information) distributed in any form, using any means, which is intended for an undefined circle of persons and is designed to create or maintain interest in these physical or legal entities, goods, ideas and undertakings and to contribute to the implementation of goods, ideas and undertakings.
  • Advertising audience - all individuals who can read, see or hear the advertising message transmitted by a particular information source.
  • Advertising activity - organization and management of the process of planning, creation, production, dissemination of advertising messages to the target audience, and monitoring the effectiveness of advertising activities.
  • Advertising campaign - a set of advertising activities carried out in accordance with a single goal and concept.

Dictionary of marketing and advertising

  • Advertising pyramid - a combination of the main types of consumer audience, its readiness to purchase the advertised product. As its readiness increases, the following stages are distinguished: unawareness, awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, purchase, repeat purchase.
  • Advertising strategy - a widely scaled long-term program aimed at solving the most important advertising goal. The development of an advertising strategy involves determining the following elements: target audience; product concept; mass media and/or advertising media used to transmit the advertising appeal; development of the advertising appeal.
  • Advertiser from a legal point of view - a legal or natural person who is the source of advertising information for the production, placement, and subsequent distribution of advertising.
  • Advertising producer from a legal point of view - a legal or natural person who carries out full or partial preparation of advertising information for distribution.

Dictionary of marketing and advertising

  • Advertising distributor from a legal standpoint - a legal or physical entity that places and/or distributes advertising information by providing and/or using property, including broadcasting equipment, television broadcasting, as well as communication channels, airtime, and other methods.
  • Representative sample - a sociological term. A sample of people from the general population that allows transferring the survey data of the representative sample to the general population with a high degree of reliability, about 4-5%. It is characterized by the same percentage composition of the main sociological characteristics (gender, age, social and marital status, etc.) as the general population.
  • Reprint - a reprint of a previously published work.
  • Reference group - in psychology: a group in which an individual would like to be, the lifestyle, values, manners, and fashion of which he/she approves and strives to imitate.
  • Point of Sales (POS) - a place of sale (stores, supermarkets, markets, etc.).


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