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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 11

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 11


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A dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 11. Find out what the following words mean: Lightbox, Leafleting, Direct Marketing, Logo, Slogan, Local campaigns.

Professional dictionary for marketing and advertising specialists

  • Lightbox - an advertising billboard measuring 1.2 x 1.8 meters with internal lighting. It is attached to pillars, stationary structures such as kiosks or building walls.
  • Leafleting - the distribution of leaflets with advertising messages in places where the target audience gathers.
  • Direct Marketing - any active activity aimed at engaging potential and current consumers in communication, obtaining feedback and information about their desires, needs, and interests with an orientation towards long-term relationships. Direct marketing includes identifying prospective buyers, personal acquaintance with them, regular individual communication, and identifying opinions about improved and new products.
  • Logo - the original design of the advertiser's name used as a symbol of the product or company, often being a trademark.
  • Slogan - a clear, concise and compressed statement of the advertising idea that is convenient for perception and memorization.
  • Local campaigns - campaigns tied to a specific location and activity, for example, hosting parties in nightclubs, supporting trademark in restaurants, participating in youth contests and discos, etc. Participation can be as organizers of their own actions or as sponsors of existing ones.


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