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Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 10

Dictionary of terms in advertising, marketing, and PR. Part 10


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A Glossary of Terms on Advertising, Marketing, and PR. Part 10 Learn the meaning of words like - Cartouche, Catalog, Cutter, Product Quality, Qualitative Research, Qualitative Ratings, Point Size, Click, Promotion Mix, Traveling Salesman, Communication Policy, Audience Communicative Environment.

  • Cartouche - a graphic decoration. Most often in the form of a shield, panel, or tablet on which advertising text, decorative elements are placed.
  • Catalog - a publication or website containing a systematized set of links to other sites.
  • Cutter - a cutting plotter. Advantages: designed for cutting vinyl films as well as for drafting.

Official Main Marketing Glossary

  • Product Quality - a set of product properties that determine its ability to meet specific consumer needs and meet the requirements. In sales contracts, the parties agree on quality indicators, the procedure for its verification, the submission of documents confirming the conformity of the quality of the delivered goods with the agreed requirements, in necessary cases, the conditions for the acceptance of the goods by quality, as well as the provision of quality guarantees and expiration dates or storage of the goods.
  • Qualitative Research - search research conducted to identify the motivations, reactions, and behavior of consumers. Focus groups, interviews, and the method of stable matrices are methods used in this research.
  • Qualitative Ratings - numerical characteristics of the audience that describe not only the volume of the audience but also its reactions, interest, and attention to the program/channel being considered.
  • Point Size - a conventional font size, the distance from the bottom of the lowercase letter p to the top of the uppercase letter R. Measured in points (one point is equal to 0.35 mm).

Official and main advertising dictionary

  • Click - (click) a mouse click on a banner, and in general, a mouse click on a link, button on the screen, etc.
  • Promotion mix - a specific combination of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion activities, and public relations used by a company to achieve advertising and marketing goals.
  • Commercial traveler - a traveling representative of a trading company. Often plays the role of a simple intermediary or acts on behalf of his client. Usually provided with product samples, advertising materials and materials. Receives remuneration from his clients in proportion to the volumes and effectiveness of sales made with his assistance.
  • Communicative policy - 1. A prospective course of action of an enterprise and the presence of such a justified strategy of using a set of communicative tools (communication mix) and organizing interaction with all subjects of the marketing system, which ensures stable and effective activity in shaping demand and promoting goods and services to the market in order to satisfy the needs of buyers and receive profit. 2. Development of a complex of stimulation, i.e. measures to ensure effective interaction of business partners, organization of advertising, sales stimulation methods, public relations, and personal sales.

Marketing and advertising dictionary for marketers and advertising specialists

  • Communicative environment of the Internet audience - consists of the population that does not visit the Internet itself, but has friends among those who regularly visit the Internet. Assessments of the communicative environment of the Internet audience make it possible to present the scale of the influence of the Runet audience on the rest of the country's population through friendly ties.
  • Communicator - a person, group of people, or organization from whom information originates directly in the communication process.
  • Compendium - a shortened statement of the main provisions.
  • Integrated marketing communications - a multi-level advertising activity that includes advertising in mass media, public relations events, sales promotion and direct marketing, accompanying materials and events.
  • Product competitiveness - 1. A set of qualitative and cost characteristics of the product that provide its advantage on the market over competitor products in satisfying a specific need. 2. The ability of a product to be the first purchased on the market of competitor products. 3. The ratio of the useful effect of consumption (use) of the product to the costs of its acquisition and operation (consumption price).

Dictionary for marketers and advertisers: Learn the meaning of professional words

  • Competition - 1. Rivalry in any field between individual persons interested in achieving the same goal individually, in particular, between entrepreneurs - for a larger share of profits, for sales markets, for sources of raw materials. 2. The economic process of interaction, interdependence and struggle, communication of subjects of the market system in the process of creating, selling and consuming material and spiritual goods.
  • Competitive market map - distribution of market shares of competitors, allowing to control the position (leader, outsider) of a competitor (or one's own company) in the market. Determined based on the analysis of the market position of competitors in specific product markets.
  • Competitive advantage - an advantage gained by a company over competitors by offering consumers greater value, either by offering goods and services at lower prices compared to competitors, or by offering consumers greater benefits that adequately compensate for higher prices for goods and services.
  • Consulting - advising manufacturers, sellers, buyers in the field of technological, technical, expert activities. Research and forecasting of the market, development of marketing programs, etc. are provided by specialized consulting companies.
  • Advertising campaign concept - a general idea that includes an advertising idea, advertising argumentation, features of advertising messages, justification of the choice of means of advertising distribution, type and logic of the advertising campaign taking into account the marketing objectives of the advertiser.

Marketing and advertiser's dictionary from the social media promotion service Smm Panel US

  • Consumerism - a movement to protect consumer interests. It is realized in the formation of societies, public performances, boycotts of firms, stores, etc. The development of this movement has led to an increase in self-control in advertising and the consideration of consumer protection rights in all advertising activities.
  • Counterfeiting of a trademark - the use of a trademark without the consent of its owner.
  • Counteradvertising from a legal perspective — a refutation of improper advertising disseminated for the purpose of eliminating its consequences.
  • Cooperative advertising — advertising paid jointly by a manufacturer and its distributors, i.e. between dealers and the manufacturer. Advertising financed jointly by several advertisers, such as national or local ones.
  • Copywriter — a specialist in creating advertising slogans, texts, and commissioned articles, directly or indirectly advertising a product.
  • Corporate advertising — advertising that creates a need not for a specific brand of product, but for a complete range of products.

Значения слов по маркетингу и рекламе - Главный словарь маркетолога и рекламиста

  • Corrective advertising — emerged in response to consumerism and dishonest advertising. It involves the publication of information messages by controlling bodies responsible for protecting consumer rights. These messages inform the public about inaccuracies and misinformation contained in advertisers' materials. It is widely used in the USA and Scandinavian countries, where corrective advertising is paid for by the responsible parties.
  • Corrective advertisement — an advertisement placed after a mistake in advertising that caused misinformation about the advertised product or company. Advertising contracts with advertising agencies include provisions for publishing corrective advertisements.
  • Cross-promotion — joint promotions.
  • Rooftop installation — exclusive image structures located on the roofs of buildings. They are often created using neon and internal lighting. The height of the installation is usually 1-5 meters, and the length depends on the content of the advertising message. Advantages: one of the most prestigious types of advertising. Placing a rooftop installation allows the advertising company to declare itself as a successful firm that plans to be present in the market for a long time.


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