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What is ClubHouse and how to use it

What is ClubHouse and how to use it


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This is a relatively new app that used to be invite-only. Until the summer of 2021, it was possible to register only through the invitation link of one of the users of the application. This was done in order to be able to test the application on a small group of people.

After the summer of 2021, the application became publicly available, now anyone can download it in the AppStore or PlayMarket.

Application features

Very often the Clubhouse is called a "discord for smartphones", which in fact it is. Because the main "trick" of this application is that people unite in groups according to a certain attribute (employment, hobbies), and discuss something. However, the discussion is organized exclusively through voice chat.

Thus, group members actually communicate with each other live, which is definitely more convenient and easier than using a regular chat. The application itself is quite simple, there are only 2 types of groups: open and closed. If you can get into the open simply by finding it through a squeak and joining yourself. Then you can get into the closed one only by invitation link, as well as with the approval of the administrator or moderator of the group.

Very often, ClubHouse is used as a platform for creating conferences, where there is a speaker and listeners. Listeners are muted by default to avoid creating noise where one participant interrupts another. The speaker leads the conference, and when it comes time to communicate with the audience, he allows the moderator to choose who will speak. It is very comfortable. Also, listeners can leave their questions in the chat, and the speaker will then indicate to the moderator which user needs to turn on the microphone.

At the same time, having entered the group, it is not necessary to participate in the dialogue of the participants, you can just listen to what people are talking about. This format is very similar to the radio, and also very convenient. You can listen to interesting and useful information in the form of a "live podcast" virtually anytime, anywhere. If you wish, you can take part in it.


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