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Order reviews and comments about the company


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Reputation management is an important component of successful company or firm operations. If a business does not monitor its product evaluation by other users, its statistics will gradually deteriorate until the enterprise fails completely.

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Our company specializes in creating real reviews that contribute to promoting a client's product or service to the top. The author's product is written and published by SERM copywriters, after which it is sent for review to crowd marketers.

Businessmen buy reviews on Yandex.Market to improve their reputation and demonstrate themselves to a wide audience. Large brands pursue the same goals, as they have visibility and promotion, but lack audience loyalty and reviews from real people.

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Order Reviews and Comments about the Company

At the beginning of their development, companies need positive marks from users who have purchased the product/service and tried it themselves. Due to the small number of such customers, businesses need a constant influx of new reviews for full growth.

At the stage of a formed niche, constant control is necessary from SERM specialists to keep user statistics at the same level without significant fluctuations.

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Raising a Company's Reputation Online

This concept consists of writing and publishing reviews and tracking statistics at all stages of business development. The fruits of your labor require control:

  • Analytics.
  • Monitoring.

If one of the tactics doesn't meet the set goals, it is necessary to replace the outdated tactics with a more effective promotion strategy.

Clients can always order reviews and comments about their company, thus increasing the reputation of their product. This works in 80% of cases, helps to develop the project, and adds commercial loyalty to the audience.

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Why is this needed

Crowd marketing is necessary for analyzing the target audience of the company: age, solvency, preferences, habits. After that, SERM comes into play: tracking statistics, monitoring the situation in the enterprise, reputation management.

Without buying reviews on Yandex.Market from real people and control in search engines, a businessman will have to win popular recognition independently, taking into account complete ignorance of the matter, and zero preparation. This will be a fiasco.

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Why it's beneficial

Raising the reputation of the company online is beneficial for two reasons:

  • Increase in profits.
  • Increased trust.
  • The emergence of trust credit.

By reading the reviews of our specialists, other buyers will want to try the described product themselves. After purchasing, they will be surprised by the quality of the product/service, and with a probability of 30%, they will write and place their impression of the purchase.

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Who should order it

Reputation management is evaluated in democratic amounts, so representatives of small and medium-sized businesses can afford it. For them, it will be a push towards development, and for larger entrepreneurs, an increase in profits by 10%, which is estimated in 6-digit figures.


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