Android Nearby Share: The Ultimate Guide to Data Sharing on Android Devices

Android Nearby Share: How Data Sharing Feature Works

Android Nearby Share: How Data Sharing Feature Works


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Android Nearby Share: how data sharing works Android Nearby Share allows you to share information from one cell phone to another. It is provided for a communication channel from Android to Android and operates via Bluetooth. Let's discuss briefly about such control with the help of this innovation. How to turn on Nearby Share Android Nearby Share is similar to AirDrop, operating exclusively over Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. Usually it is activated by various actions. All you need is a phone running Android 6 or higher and the appropriate options. First, turn on Bluetooth and the geometric position on the device. Next, swipe down from the top of the screen, where some icons are displayed in the displayed item that turn on. Then go to the options and go to Google, located at the bottom. Go to the block "Devices and data exchange" - "Exchange with the environment". Then move the slider to the intensive state for successful activation. How to share information with other users When sending data to your friends, for example, photos, links and others, you will need the "Sharing with the environment" option. Remember that the second user is always in your vicinity, since all data is sent via Bluetooth. Open a file to send, for example, a picture in your own gallery. Click the Share button at the bottom of the screen. There will be different exchanges. Click on the gray button: "Exchange with the environment." Then you need 2 cell phones for short distance with each other. In the "Search for nearby devices" block, select the phone of the second person in order to exchange information. The user of the second gadget confirms his request and receives the file, and the possibility that your information is for third parties will be eliminated. When the message "Submitted" appears, your file will be sent. Finally, click "Done" and return to the main menu.

Android Nearby Share: how the sharing feature works


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